Summer Self Care Sampler

Are you feeling tired, run down and overwhelmed by the state of the world right now? Would you like to slow down, reconnect with your inner child and learn tools to practice better self-care? Have you put everyone ahead of yourself for too long?

As a Certified Life Coach and Shamanic Practictioner, after years of putting myself last, I ending up in burnout and being overwhelmed. It took being knocked down by chronic health issues for me to realize I DESERVED to put myself first and so do YOU. 

What is the

Summer Self Care Sampler?

A 5 week sampler of sixty minute sessions (valued at $1000 USD)  to connect with your inner voice and learn to love yourself on a deeper level. Using EFT or Tapping, Reiki, Shadow-work, Meditation and Oracle Cards, I guide you on a journey of discovering your inner well and filling it to overflowing. From there you can live a more passion-filled life of abundance, love and freedom. A self care guide is included with tips, tools, and journaling prompts. 

Learning to put you first

Are you curious about how to improve your Self-Care? Do you find yourself constantly giving to others before you give to your self, or worse not at all?

With this  Sampler you can learn how to connect with your body and listen to its wisdoms. Many of usare not taught to give from the overflow. Rather we are taught to give of ourselves and place us last. The time for that to end is now! Join me on a journey of learning to put YOU FIRST.

Don’t take my word for it…

I had a session with Shandra and I was AMAZED at how fast and how deep the changes I had in my life afterwards were. She helped me see where I was missing an opportunity to love myself and heal my inner child. Shandra has a calm, collected spirit and she is SO in touch with her spirituality and in touch with her clients as well. She knew exactly what I needed and held the session with tons of support, care and love. I can’t wait to continue this work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone else wanting to heal their past in order to better their future. If you’re thinking about booking with her, don’t wait! Do it now – you will NOT regret it! – Mindy Deane

Why This? Why Now?

The world is a crazy chaotic place right now. Historically, as women, we have been taught to put ourselves last and to give from our own cup. What if I told you that you can learn to give from the overflow?

Practicing good self care is more than getting massages and mani/pedi’s. Self care is about learning to love yourself deeply and unconditionally. It is about learning to embrace the Divine Goddess YOU are and love her accordingly!

Please note, all sales are final.

I have been wanting to get on here and express my deep gratitude to Shandra for her amazing guided session that helped me unlock some fears I had and helped me to know what direction I need to take in my life!
I connected with her instantly and felt as though we had been friends for years!! she has such a beautiful soul and I have been truly blessed to have met her and worked with her!! I highly recommend her to anyone!! Thank you again Shandra!!