I Am Proud! 12×24

Another of the Pride weekend pieces I did in 2021. I did this one as a swipe pour paint technique, placing all the colors across the canvas before taking a papertowel to swipe the white paint across them. I used Pride coloras as I had connected with the teenage part of me who had been told that she needed to love based upon someones gender and skin color. She was angry for having been locked away for over 20 years and at the same time so excited and proud that she had finally accepted herself and was going to live her truth. After I finished the painting, I notice that some of the cells has started to run off the canvas and I almost trashed it. Then I took another look and realized that the imperfects were just like me, they may not be perfect, however they were beautiful. They allowed me to see just how messy the process of coming out to myself and the world had been, how challenging owning my truth was and yet I stood tall doing so.

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