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Soulfulvalley Podcast

Addiction and the Spiritual Journey with Evolving on Purpose Contributing Author Shandra Nicole Shultz.

Ever since she was a young girl Shandra has been connected to the magickal, mystical and fantastical. An old soul whose kindness and compassion were unmatched, it is no surprise that she grew into the healer and spiritual coach that she has. Shandra works with womxn who have found themselves burnt-out, run down and ragged. She guides them on the transformational journey to finding their inner “WOO” and teaches them how to live their best life. After almost a decade of searching to find her “WOO” again, Shandra found herself on a similar journey to what she now traverses with her clients. During her nine years of sobriety, Shandra has studied several different schools of thought, trained in many modalities, and walked a path of healing and self-discovery. She now blends these trainings with her intuitive knowledge, her spirituality, and connection to Gaia to guide womxn on their journey of self-discovery. Shandra is a Shamanic Reiki Master, Spiritual Midwife, Celtic High Priestess, Witch, Integrative Life Coach, Intuitive Artist, Creatrix, Divine Mother, Member/Ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and Owner of Healings of Light and Love by Shandra. She lives a life of adventure with her Partner Bjorn and their animal-children Brigid and Freya. She is the proud mom to one amazing kiddo who has always been her why.

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The Soulful Mind

How to Heal Trauma with Shandra Shultz

Shandra shares with us how to move through trauma and heal yourself naturally.  She experienced a head injury which caused her to lose her memory.  She had to learn the most basic things, like reading and writing.  The next four years was a journey for her to learn who she was and who she wanted to be from that point forward.

She shared with us how important it is to have a self care routine and how that helped her recovery.  Take a listen as she takes us on this journey.

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Grieving Voices

Shandra Shultz | Who Am I?

What would it be like to get into an accident and walk away not knowing who you are?

Shandra shares her experience of what it is like to see her daughter and loved ones and not know them. She found herself living a “half-life” as she called it. 

However, this accident and memory loss occurred following many other loss experiences. She shares that, while in high school, she found herself down the path of experimenting with drugs and alcohol. When she was 21, her father passed away from cancer. Fortunately, she found a way to eliminate the crutches and addiction to drugs and alcohol in her life.

With every loss she experienced after that time of friends and pets, she ultimately realized she had lost a part of herself, too. This set her on the path of self-discovery and introspection. During this time, she sought out many modalities to help heal her memory loss, grief, and trauma. She shares what those modalities were.

It is through her life experience, she has found herself working as a healer today.

Shandra shares that grief taught her to live and that the meaning of life is to live it. Listen to Shandra’s story of hope and how she found her way back home to herself.

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Out of the Bubble

Ep.69 Out of the Bubble with integrative life coach and energy healer Shandra Shultz.

This weeks guest is another example of how you can overcome huge hurdles in life and go on to really find your true passion and purpose. 

Shandra Shultz is an Integrative Life Coach and Energy Healer who came back from a traumatic brain injury 6.5 years ago where she was left with memory loss as well as having to learn how to be all over again (including reading, writing, speaking, etc). Shandra gained a sense of deep spirituality along the journey to find herself which lead to me realising that she had to let go of who she was/thought herself to be in order to become  her authentic self. Shandra’s journey has included shadow work, meditation, mindset shifts and energy healing and she has spent the better part of the last 3 years building a spiritually based business that teaches others how to let their authentic self shine through.

Subjects covered-

The impact of sexual abuse, Stepping away from the wrong tribe, Spirituality, Living in an abusive relationship, Addictions, Following your intuitions, Dealing with brain injury and long term memory loss, Finding love, Finding your way back to yourself 

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