Healing, One Painting at a Time.

What is Intuitive Fluid Art? It is a style of painting using Acrylic Pour Paint, a paint mix that is thinner than normal Acrylic paint so that it can run across the canvas with ease, and connecting with my intuition to channel healing paintings. As a Shamanic Energy practitioner I also find that I end up putting healing frequencies into my pieces as I do them.

As an Intuitive Fluid Artist I connect with my intuition to allow my inner child out and to paint from our heart. I channel the painting from Spirit and as I do so I find myself often being able to heal past traumas and wounding’s from childhood/adolescence. Often when I am painting I find that memories or emotions come up which desire being worked with and allow me to access my subconscious through a meditative trance-like state. While in this state I am able to let go of and release that which is ready to be released. This is a very therapeutic practice which can be practiced by anyone.

Coming soon are a workshop which can be purchased walking you through how to connect with your intuition and channel your own Fluid Art piece as well as a Fluid Art Membership where I will walk you through creating a specific Fluid Art method piece each month and you will have access to a library of tutorials on Intuitive Fluid Art.

Below are pieces I have done and that are available for sale. If you are interested in commissioning a piece specific to you please contact me at intuitiveartbyshandra@igotthewoo.com

“The Shadow Chakra’s”- 8×10 Black Canvas Board SOLD
“The Light of the Chakra’s” – 8×10 White Canvas Board SOLD
“Energy Healer” 8×10 Canvas – SOLD

“Golden Chakra’s”

8×10 Wrapped Canvas with Gold and Chakra colors. I had left over paint from doing a Chakra Series of Shadow and Light, so I added some gold and this was the outcome. Reiki Healing as well as balancing of the chakras placed into this piece. Shipping included in cost.


“Deep Blue Sea”

With this piece I was feeling as if I was not an artist and that I was not good enough to do this, which felt very sad and as if I was floating aimlessly in the ‘Deep Blue Sea’. Channeling this painting allowed me to connect with my inner child and bring her healing which then flowed onto the page as I placed Reiki and Healing Frequencies with Light Language into it. Shipping included in cost.