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And so it began…

The last few months have been really challanging and yet extremely satisfying. I have spent time integrating and healing my mind, body and spirit as well as making a monumental life change by moving to the Pacific North West after 36 years of living in CO. During this process however we ended up leaving my […]

My Coming Out…Happy Pride!

I have identified as bisexual since I was 11, even if I didn’t understand what it was at that time as I just saw it as being attracted to both boys and girls. However growing up with a father who was from the deeply religious southern United States (Arkansas) and was a extremely Southern Baptist, […]

Intuitive Art and Healing

When I was studying Psychology at University if anyone had told me that I would be using my knowledge to create and teach how to heal through art I would have told them they were crazy, especially since at that time almost a decade ago I never would have considered myself an artist. However I […]

Channeled Paintings

‘Deep Blue Sea’ 8×10 Wrapped Canvas Fluid Painting – For Sale
‘The Light of the Chakras’ 8×10 Fluid Painting on Canvas Board
‘Golden Chakras’ 8×10 Wrapped Canvas Fluid Painting – For Sale

“If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig down deep into that body of yours and let your soul howl” – Gabrielle Roth