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I had a dreamwork session with Shandra and it was amazing!

She helped me to realize how to dream was paralleling my life and what it meant.

I love her energy and cannot wait to work with again!


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Shandra was so helpful during our session. She helped me see where I was missing an opportunity to love myself and heal my inner child. I can’t wait to continue this work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone else wanting to heal their past in order to better their future.
Shandra enjoys working with individuals to help or assist them to learn how to live a positive healthy life.  She shows them how to deal with stressful situations and overcome them with a different mindset. Teaching people how to turn negativity to positivity and living a more full and abundant life.
Dale Marie
As a healer myself, I am drawn to intuitive healers, and Shandra is no exception. She was very knowledgeable and compassionate throughout the whole process. I needed some assistance in working through some blocks, and she was able to pick up on those and work through them. I highly recommend her for all of your healing needs.

I have been wanting to get on here and express my deep gratitude to Shandra for her amazing guided session that helped me unlock some fears I had and helped me to know what direction I need to take in my life!

I connected with her instantly and felt as though we had been friends for years!!

She has such a beautiful soul and I have been truly blessed to have met her and worked with her!!

I highly recommend her to anyone!! Thank you again Shandra!!


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I recently had a Soul Birth session with Shandra & to tell you that it was ABSOLUTELY transformational feels like an understatement!

As someone who has struggled with what has felt like an identity crisis of sorts for most of my adult life, specifically a sense of discontentment & longing for something or some part of me that was missing, and to then have Shandra guide me to the exact root of that issue has been life changing!

Shandra is exceptionally gifted at taking you to the place(s) you need to go in a safe, gentle, and protected way.

Shandra is exceptionally gifted at taking you to the place(s) you need to go in a safe, gentle, and protected way. For instance, much to my surprise, we encountered some pretty intense resistance at the very start of my session, and then what initially seemed to be some random nonsensical (to me) feedback loop in the vision I was experiencing.

Shandra was masterful at guiding my shift out of both scenarios without influencing my experience; that is, she helped me to move MYSELF beyond those roadblocks & to continue on this vision quest. The session continued & where I expected to experience my past, abusive relationship as the root cause of this seemingly life long crisis of mine, I was instead face to face with a very vivid (and often repeated) memory of my parents arguing around what I assume was the time they split up. Shandra helped me to really observe that memory and most importantly what I actually experienced in that moment.

You see, my entire life whenever I’ve had that memory pop up I’ve always marveled at how unaffected I was by that moment, how I sat there focused & quiet & calm…what I was able to witness via this session was the truth of just how impacted I actually was at that time. I wasn’t quiet & calm, I was overwhelmed & stunned into silence & avoidance. The reality is, I was SO AFFECTED in that moment that my soul fractured! And that is something I was only able to see because of Shandra’s ability to make me feel safe, to feel seen, and to make me feel heard!

That session ended with both of my fractured halves immediately merging back into one beautiful & luminous WHOLE and I haven’t been the same since! I now have a far greater understanding of how I came to be so voiceless, how I repeatedly “fell into” a pattern of disconnecting from my feelings during intense emotional storms, and ultimately how that has kept me so stuck in so many different areas of my life. And THAT is invaluable!

This experience helped bring me back to life…

This experience helped bring me back to life & I am both so grateful to her and so looking forward to working with her again very soon!

I would definitely recommend working with Shandra, one thousand percent!


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