A gifted guide, healer, and mystic

Welcome! I’m Shandra, a Shamanic Energy Healer, Intuitive Fluid Artist & Integrative Life Coach.

Are you looking for the tools to live the life you’ve

always desired?

Are you ready to leave behind the person you were taught to be in order to have the life you’ve always desired?

Come with me and take a deep dive into your shadow-self to find the authentic you that’s been hidden and ready to be released. Schedule a Soul Birth Session today.

Who I Am

As a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Life Coach and Spiritual Midwife with almost a decade of experience, I work with women who are looking for the tools to live their best life and find their way out of the shadows, individuals who may have survived abuse and/or trauma of any size whom have a desire for something more in life and are ready to take the deep dive towards healing.

I also work with women who have put themselves last for too long and are ready to finally stand in their power. I teach you how to be your own biggest cheerleader. For these individuals I call myself a “Lighthouse”- someone who shines a light for them while they learn to shine their own.


As a child I would walk around and put my hands on people while saying I was sending them love and light. I never understood that the energy I was sending was my own. Many called me a weirdo and crazy, yet I never let my connection to spirit be lost.

As I grew I found myself being bullied by my peers along with the wounds I had received during childhood and adolescence which left me struggling deeply. I wandered from the light for a time and found myself deep in addiction, dealing with multiple sexual assaults and many abusive relationships, including the one I had with myself, however I eventually found my way back, however it would take a few more years.

I had been given a second chance at life…

In 2014 I survived an accident from which I had to relearn a variety of things all over including how to read, write and speak as I had complete amnesia (memory loss) up to the day of the accident due to a traumatic brain injury. I felt lost for a time until I realized that I had been given a second chance at life.

With this I gained a renewed sense of faith and zest for life. I found myself drawn back to Mama Earth and in doing so was lead to learning a vast array of healing modalities including Energy Work, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Medicine. I was lead by spirit to reconnect with my gifts and found myself connecting with them in ways I had never before imagined possible.

Eventually my memory came back, thankfully and I remembered my background in Psychology. I took all I had learned in the time after the accident and melded it together to become who I am now: 

an Integrative Life Coach and Spiritual Midwife who specializes in the Shadow Self, Empowerment and Transformation.

Learning to howl

I have learned how to love myself using shadow and parts work to dive deeply into my soul and allow the woman I authentically am to howl.

Now I hold space for my clients while they heal, uncover their truest self and learning to love who they truly are.

Along my journey I learned many techniques in which to sooth that which we are struggling with which includes meditation, shadow work, energy healing, journaling and more.

These are the same techniques I lead my clients through when we work together.

Are you ready to take this journey to heal, find your hidden self and allow your soul to

authentically howl?