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Purchase your Collective 2022 Oracle Forecast Reading to see what’s in store for the collective- and yourself!

What is the

2022 Oracle Forecast Reading?

Imagine having the tools and knowledge to understand what will happen before it happens- especially after the disorienting 2 years we’ve had.

The 2022 Oracle Forecast Reading is a 12-month spread with channeled insights for the coming year for us as a Collective. This 33-page PDF document goes into great detail about 2022, including a word of the year, how to supercharge your manifesting powers and a deep dive into each month individually and collectively. Think of it as your gift for the year from a lifelong intuitive, beautifully presented in a PDF journal to explore what the collective will experience in 2022.

Shandra is also offering, for a limited time, Personalized 2022 Oracle Forecasts as well that features as 12-card spread just for you and your 2022.

Just for you…

Personalized 2022 Oracle Forecasts

Your very own personalized 2022 oracle forecast is waiting- the deal of the year!

You’ll book a 1:1 90-minute recorded Zoom session where we can dive into the questions you may have about each month. You’ll receive individualized channeled messages for each month from Spirit and a general collective overview of 2022 for YOU

There are a limited number of sessions available (only 12) on a first come, first serve basis for $297. When they’re gone, they’re gone- so book in ASAP!

Oracle Options

Collective 2022 Oracle Forecast Reading

A roadmap for what’s happening in the new year for the collective- all beings on planet Earth.

33-page PDF with a 12-month spread, featuring insights on each month individually as well what’s in store for the collective.

Delivered via email immediately after purchase.

Personalized 2022 Oracle Forecast Reading

Forecast for the Collective PLUS a 1:1 recorded 90-minute Zoom session addressing the 12 months for YOU.

Shandra will connect with your higher self and spirit team and work with you to deliver insights based on what 2022 looks like for you and your unique energy.

Please allow 48 business hours for delivery of Zoom recording post-session and Collective Reading PDF.

Please note, all sales are final.