Intuitive Art and Healing

When I was studying Psychology at University if anyone had told me that I would be using my knowledge to create and teach how to heal through art I would have told them they were crazy, especially since at that time almost a decade ago I never would have considered myself an artist. However I am proud to say that I do now call myself an Artist and that I have the ability to create beautiful pieces as well as heal while doing so.

I use my artistry to allow the chaos I feel inside to be soothed by the mindfulness and presence required to create the works I do. I find that by allowing myself to let go of the need to have control and to be perfect, that I can connect and heal a wounded part of myself that has longed to be creative and felt stifled by the outside world for entirely too long. Whether I am mixing the colors or in front of the canvas pouring paint, I find myself transported to a place in time and space where nothing else except me, my supplies and the canvas exist, it is a truly magical space indeed. I also like to place some sort of electronic music, either trance or house, in the background which soothes my soul in ways one might never imagine and dive deeply into the piece I am creating.

This type of painting requires one to let go of any pretense that they may have which keeps them stuck in the cycle of feeling as if they must be in control, as the only control one has is over the color and where they originally place them, once that’s done and we get to work on the movement of the piece, no control is had and it is at that point in which one is working with spirit to allow whatever needs to be expressed to come through. At least this is how I see it.

I trust my intuition completely when working on these pieces as to which colors are being called for and which technique is to be used. Often I connect with the Universal Collective and ask that the highest good of all come through and that whomever the piece is intended to go to allow me to connect with their higher self, as it’s always important to ask permission, so that any healing that desires coming through can do so with ease and grace. I find that when I do that, often the piece will manifest it’s owner when that is the intention.

Shandra Shultz

Owner of Healings of Light & Love by Shandra. Lightworker, Spiritual Midwife, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Shadow-work Coach, EFT Practicitioner, Oracle Reader, Mystic (she/her)

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