On New Years Day 2012 I woke up more than halfway into the day hungover after a night of serious partying. I was a drug addict & had been for the previous 12 years until that day when it finally clicked, that if I kept it up I may end up dead (I was 29 at the time with a 6 year old child). I choose right then & there to quite & never looked back, to this day I have remained sober from substances.

I did however swap one addiction for another as I was seriously unhealthy emotionally & didn’t know how to live with the years of trauma & abuse I had suffered through. I continued abusing alcohol in addition to the food addiction I had however. It would take me another 2 years before I could acknowledge the alcohol abuse & to acknowledge that I was unhealthy emotionally. Even with the years of psychology I had studied in school, I didn’t understand the the only way to heal myself was to go inside & acknowledge then release all the feelings that I had kept bottled.

What I realized in the previous 9 years is that in order to remain sober & healthy I had to heal the wounds that had left gapping holes throughout my life. It would take a traumatic brain injury to fully see this however. After healing from the TBI I found myself more drawn to alternative healing modalities, getting certified as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher in 2017 as well as The Adult Chair Coaching Certification in 2020 so that I could take all the knowledge I had gained to guide others on the path to healing the wounds & finding their truth (which is usually buried underneath layers of programing, pain, trauma and limiting beliefs).

I wake today grateful for life and walking the healing path.

Shandra Shultz

Owner of Healings of Light & Love by Shandra. Lightworker, Spiritual Midwife, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Shadow-work Coach, EFT Practicitioner, Oracle Reader, Mystic (she/her)

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