Day 6: I need to write about…

Day 6 of the Yogic Writing Challenge

I need to write about how I overcame the single most life altering situation. How did I become the woman I am today? How did I learn to love myself? How is it that learning to love myself was so challenging and how was I able to tell another person so passionately and so deeply that I loved them and yet could not for the longest time even look myself in the mirror? Was it a lie, in a series of lies that had been my life, and if it was a lie, was it simply that I did not truly understand love and life? Was I trying to be someone or something I was not? Was the fear so great that I was unlovable that I would push away the greatest love I had ever had? Who knows, I am still learning the answers to these questions. Thankfully I have answered a few, like I learned to look myself in the mirror and say “I love you beautiful!” by healing the wounds of my past, by letting her know I am sorry, that I forgive myself of any harms I unintentionally or intentionally did, I also forgave others (not for them, haha, no I forgave to free myself of the chains I was in and taking back my power). I learned that the reason I never learned to love myself is because we are not taught, we are shown so much by the outside world and what we are shown is usually not pleasant or nice, though we may have some that show love, compassion, and empathy, unfortunately many have yet to learn these skills. We are on a precipice however and the world is shifting (it is always darkest before the dawn), faster and faster every day we change and evolve. I see it around me that the world collective has a desire for peace and is realizing that in order to create that peace, one must first heal the self, put the self-first, care for self is the #1 most important step, once you learn to self-care than you can truly grasp self-love. Shifting to self-focused in a healthy way instead of other-focused. Once we learn to truly love, value and care for ourselves, then we can have the love we desire and share that love and peace will wash over the land.

Shandra Shultz

Owner of Healings of Light & Love by Shandra. Lightworker, Spiritual Midwife, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Shadow-work Coach, EFT Practicitioner, Oracle Reader, Mystic (she/her)

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