Blessings of Light and Love

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Shandra and I am the owner of Healings of Light and Love by Shandra.

First let me say I am so glad you found me : ). This page has been a labor of love to bring who I am (a shaman, medicine woman, teacher, priestess, mother, business owner, trauma and empowerment coach as well as integrative life coaching, mystic, creatrix and so much more).

My purpose in life is to shine my light in the darkness as a “lighthouse” so that other’s can learn to heal the shadows and learn to live as their most authentic self and live the life they’ve always desired. I am living proof that by digging deep into the shadows of our soul can and does allow for such healing unlike many have ever known and yet have always imagined/hoped to be possible.

These posts are a way to share my journey with the world in hopes that I can inspire others to allow the magic that healing can bring.

Through using integrative life coaching, energy work (currently distance zoom sessions only due to COVID-19) and oracle card readings, I lead others on a path to self-enlightenment and peace.

In the near future I will be leading workshops, groups and having courses that will teach others the process I used to turn my life from the darkness to the light. By learning to use tools like meditation, energy healing, journaling, breathwork, self-care and shadow work, I came back from the brink of self-destruction to start living my best and most authentic life.

I invite you to take a journey with me to find out who you are at your authentic core, digging down deep and allowing your soul to howl.