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What is Energy Healing? How can it help me?

Energy Healing is a spiritual holistic healing modality that allows one to clear and reset stuck energy in the body as well as the aura. There are many different forms of energy work ranging from Reiki to Healing Touch and beyond.  I am trained in several forms of Reiki. Looking at the meaning,  “Rei”- Universal Life and “Ki” or Chi/Qi means Energy. There is no particular religion or spiritual group that it belongs to. Reiki is a form of energy work that allows the practitioner to be a divine conduit for Universal Source or Spirit (or whatever you choose to identify as you

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Blessings of Light and Love

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Shandra and I am the owner of Healings of Light and Love by Shandra. First let me say I am so glad you found me : ). This page has been a labor of love to bring who I am (a shaman, medicine woman, teacher, priestess, mother, business owner, trauma and empowerment coach as well as integrative life coaching, mystic, creatrix and so much more). My purpose in life is to shine my light in the darkness as a “lighthouse” so that other’s can learn to heal the shadows and learn

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