Are you looking for the tools to live the life you’ve

always desired?

Are you ready to leave behind the person you were taught to be in order to have the life you’ve always desired?

Come with me and take a deep dive into your shadow-self to find the authentic you that’s been hidden and ready to be released. Schedule a Soul Birth Session today.

Who I Am

As a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Life Coach and Spiritual Midwife with almost a decade of experience, I work with women who are looking for the tools to live their best life and find their way out of the shadows, individuals who may have survived abuse and/or trauma of any size whom have a desire for something more in life and are ready to take the deep dive towards healing.

I also work with women who have put themselves last for too long and are ready to finally stand in their power. I teach you how to be your own biggest cheerleader. For these individuals I call myself a “Lighthouse”- someone who shines a light for them while they learn to shine their own.

Soul Birth Session™️

In this 60-minute session, we’ll discuss what’s going on in your life, what brought you here, how you came to be who you currently are.

Then we’ll move into using Soul Birth Modalities to uncover limiting beliefs and programs you picked up along the way so you can return to your true essence.

Each session, we’ll set goals on healing these beliefs and programs.

Ultimate goal: For you to live in full authenticity.

Turn to the oracle!

Curious about your next steps? Book a 30 min Oracle Card Reading. As a Shamanic Energy Healer I will ask for guidance from your spirit team, which may include angels, ancestors, animals, divine gods, goddesses, and more… This reading will give clarity to those questions which may just be keeping you up at night.

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As heard on…

Shandra was so helpful during our session. She helped me see where I was missing an opportunity to love myself and heal my inner child. I can’t wait to continue this work with her and I highly recommend her to anyone else wanting to heal their past in order to better their future.


Are you ready…

To heal your past in order to better your future?



It's hard to be human.

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